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Welcome to Sunset Oral Surgery, offering expert wisdom teeth extraction services in the vicinity of Glendale. Our clinic, under the guidance of Dr. David Salehani, DDS, MD, a board-certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, specializes in providing a comfortable and effective wisdom teeth removal experience.

Understanding Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop. While some people have no issues with their wisdom teeth, many experience complications that make removal necessary.

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

  • Impaction: Wisdom teeth can become trapped in your jawbone or gums, leading to pain and infection.
  • Overcrowding: Limited space in the mouth can cause wisdom teeth to push against other teeth, leading to misalignment.
  • Gum Disease and Cavities: Partially erupted wisdom teeth can be hard to clean, increasing the risk of gum disease and cavities.

Risks of Not Removing Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Neglecting the removal of troublesome wisdom teeth can lead to several complications, such as:

  • Persistent pain and infection
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Development of cysts or tumors
  • Complications with orthodontic treatments

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process for Glendale Patients

  1. Consultation: Your visit near Glendale will include a thorough examination and X-rays to evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth.
  2. Anesthesia Options: We offer various forms of anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience during the procedure.
  3. Extraction: Dr. Salehani will carefully remove the wisdom teeth, employing techniques that minimize tissue disruption and promote rapid healing.

Recovery and Aftercare

Post-extraction, you will receive detailed care instructions. Recovery typically involves managing swelling and discomfort with prescribed medications. Most patients resume normal activities within a few days, and complete healing generally occurs within a few weeks.

Why Choose Us for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sunset Oral Surgery, located near Glendale, is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained professionals. Dr. Salehani’s expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery ensures that your wisdom teeth removal is performed with the highest standards of safety and care.

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Glendale

If you’re experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth and are located near Glendale, don’t hesitate to contact Sunset Oral Surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Salehani to discuss your wisdom teeth removal options and take the first step towards a pain-free, healthy smile.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Salehani is professional and has great bedside manner. He thoroughly takes time before the procedure, to explain what’s going on and what will happen.
Bill S.
This is the doctor you want to do your surgery. He’s simply one of the smartest people I’ve ever known; thoughtful and careful.
Marty M.
Amazing friendly staff. Nice clean office. Super attentive. I got three wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, no pain what so ever afterward.
Alex G.

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