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Injuries, genetics, aging and other factors impact the shape and volume of your facial features. Facial implants can be used to reshape and add volume to the facial features. This can create the facial balance desired and often rejuvenates the face. Sunset Oral Surgery offers a wide variety of facial implant procedures at our facility in West Hollywood, CA.

Types of Facial Implants

Dr. Salehani uses silicone implants (Implantech) to shape or augment facial and jaw lines when fillers are not indicated or used. The types include:

  • Chin implants
  • Cheek implants
  • Temporal implants
  • Mandible (jawline) implants

The type of silicone used, and techniques are different for bony implant procedures versus soft tissue implants (temporal). Dr. Salehani uses highly customizable implants that can be designed to create natural and beautiful results for his patients.

Causes of Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss is accompanied by the loss of blood vessels, fat layers and collagen causing the skin to sink in from the lack of these natural supports. Causes of facial volume loss include heredity, the normal aging process, previous surgeries, excessive weight loss and HIV medication lipoatrophy (fat loss).

Facial Volume Treatment West Hollywood

Treatments for increasing facial volume or changing the shape of facial features can include injectables and cosmetic surgery. Some of the facial contouring and reshaping treatments we offer at Sunset Oral Surgery include:

  • Fillers (injectables)
  • Fat transfer
  • Implants

Augmentation with injectables is an effective method, but repeated treatments are often needed for maintenance which could be costly. Fat transfer can also be unpredictable and repeated treatments may be necessary. Facial implants offer a customizable, permanent solution to replace lost facial volume or for reshaping features like the chin and jaw. The Temporal Shell implant is a permanent solution for temporal hollowing.

Benefits of Temporal Shell Facial Implants

Made of ultrasoft, pliable silicone, temporal shell facial implants are designed to augment the hollowed areas of excessively concave or sunken temples. The temporal soft-tissue implant shape matches the typical skeletal borders of the temporal region and is shaped for ideal blending with no palpable margins. Some of the benefits of the temporal implant include

  • Permanent solution for temporal hollowing
  • Very soft silicone for flexibility
  • Provides predictable volume and symmetry
  • Mimics soft tissue, unlike bony augmentation
  • Tapered edges for no palpable margins
  • Outpatient procedure with intravenous sedation

Accurate Fit for Chin, Cheek or Jaw Implants

In certain cases, for augmentation or treatment of bone deformities, a jaw or facial CT scan is obtained to form the implant for an accurate fit. 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® implants (Implantech company) result in an exact fit. This powerful technology faithfully reproduces a precise, three-dimensional skeletal model from the patient’s CT scan, including the bony defect requiring reconstruction.

To learn more about cosmetic procedures, schedule an appointment at Sunset Oral and Facial Surgery in West Hollywood or call the office at (310) 275-3635 to speak with a member of the administrative staff today

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Salehani is professional and has great bedside manner. He thoroughly takes time before the procedure, to explain what’s going on and what will happen.
Bill S.
This is the doctor you want to do your surgery. He’s simply one of the smartest people I’ve ever known; thoughtful and careful.
Marty M.
Amazing friendly staff. Nice clean office. Super attentive. I got three wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, no pain what so ever afterward.
Alex G.

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