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Temporal shell implants are a sophisticated cosmetic enhancement technique designed to rejuvenate and restore youthful contours to the temporal region of the face. As a minimally invasive procedure, these implants offer remarkable transformations by addressing hollowed or sunken temples, effectively enhancing facial harmony and symmetry, available at Sunset Oral Surgery in West Hollywood, CA.

Understanding Temporal Shell Implants

The temples, situated on the sides of the forehead above the cheekbones, play a crucial role in facial aesthetics. Over time, natural aging, weight loss or genetics can cause the temples to lose volume, resulting in a hollowed or sunken appearance. Temporal shell implants, made of biocompatible silicone, are precisely crafted to augment and restore volume to these areas.

Benefits of Temporal Shell Implants

Temporal shell implants are made from ultrasoft silicone that can blend perfectly within the natural soft tissues in the temporal area. Some of the benefits include:

  • Restored Volume and Contour: Temporal shell implants provide volume restoration to the temporal region, effectively revitalizing the face and rejuvenating overall facial appearance.
  • Improved Facial Proportions: By addressing hollowed temples, these implants enhance facial symmetry and proportions, contributing to a more balanced and youthful aesthetic.
  • Youthful Appearance: Restoring volume in the temples creates a smoother, more youthful contour, minimizing the appearance of sunken or aged facial features.

When skillfully placed by a qualified surgeon like Dr. David Salehani, temporal shell implants yield natural-looking outcomes, seamlessly blending with the natural contours of the face.

The Temporal Implant Procedure

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where Dr. Salehani evaluates the patient’s facial structure, discusses cosmetic goals and develops a tailored treatment plan. The exact dimensions are determined to create an implant that looks natural and will blend perfectly within the temporal margins.

Temporal shell implants are inserted through small incisions hidden within the hairline or natural creases of the temple. Dr. Salehani carefully positions the implants to achieve the desired volume and contour, ensuring a harmonious integration with the surrounding tissues.

Patients typically experience minimal downtime following the procedure. Temporary swelling or bruising may occur but generally resolves within a few days to a week.

Choosing Temporal Shell Implants

Temporal shell implants offer an effective solution for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation and volume restoration in the temporal area. They are particularly beneficial for those experiencing hollowing or sunken temples due to aging or genetic factors. Unlike facial filler injections or fat grafting for addressing facial volume loss in the temporal area, soft tissue implants offer a lasting, permanent solution.

Temporal Shell Implant Surgery in West Hollywood, CA

Temporal shell implants are a refined solution to restore volume and rejuvenate the temporal area, enhancing facial symmetry and promoting a more youthful appearance. When performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. David Salehani, this minimally invasive procedure can yield transformative, natural-looking results, contributing to greater facial harmony and confidence. If you are interested in learning more about temporal shell implant surgery and if it may be right for you, contact us at Sunset Oral Surgery. Call our office in West Hollywood, CA, to schedule your consultation with Dr. Salehani.

Posted on behalf of Sunset Oral and Facial Surgery: David Salehani, DDS, MD

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