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BodyTite, FaceTite, and AccuTite are innovative procedures revolutionizing the realm of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, each tailored to address specific areas of the body with precision and effectiveness. Understanding the nuances and benefits of each procedure is crucial in determining which treatment aligns best with individual cosmetic goals and target areas.


FaceTite is a cutting-edge facial contouring procedure designed to address laxity and redefine facial features without the invasiveness of traditional surgery. Using radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology, FaceTite tightens skin and contours the face by precisely targeting areas like the jawline, jowls, and neck. This minimally invasive procedure stimulates collagen production, leading to smoother, firmer skin while reducing sagging and fine lines. FaceTite is ideal for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation and enhanced definition with minimal downtime.


BodyTite is a transformative procedure that focuses on body contouring and skin tightening. Employing the same RFAL technology, BodyTite delivers impressive results by precisely targeting areas with stubborn fat deposits and loose skin, commonly found in the abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks. This minimally invasive treatment remodels and tightens skin while reducing excess fat, providing significant body sculpting effects. BodyTite offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to refine body contours and achieve a slimmer appearance without the need for extensive surgery.


AccuTite is a highly precise, minimally invasive procedure that targets smaller, more delicate areas of the face and body. Utilizing advanced RFAL technology, AccuTite addresses areas that require intricate sculpting and precise contouring, such as the brows, eyelids, nasolabial folds and neck. This procedure effectively tightens skin and removes excess fat in tiny, hard-to-reach areas, delivering impressive results with minimal scarring and downtime. AccuTite is ideal for individuals seeking refined, localized improvements in smaller facial or body regions.

Choosing the Right Procedure

Selecting the most suitable procedure among FaceTite, BodyTite or AccuTite hinges on individual aesthetic concerns, treatment goals, and target areas.

  • FaceTite is optimal for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation, addressing sagging skin, and enhancing facial contours.
  • BodyTite caters to those desiring comprehensive body sculpting, targeting larger areas with stubborn fat and loose skin.
  • AccuTite is ideal for patients seeking precision contouring in smaller, more delicate areas that require intricate sculpting.

A comprehensive consultation with a qualified cosmetic professional is crucial to determine the most appropriate treatment based on specific cosmetic goals and desired outcomes. The expertise of the practitioner and the individual’s unique anatomical considerations play pivotal roles in deciding the ideal procedure for achieving optimal, natural-looking results. At Sunset Oral Surgery, Dr. David Salehani and our staff can help patients determine the best skin tightening and contouring procedure to achieve the desired outcome.

Each of these innovative procedures offers distinct advantages, providing patients with tailored solutions for rejuvenation, contouring and tightening in various facial and body areas, ultimately restoring confidence and enhancing one’s aesthetic appearance. To learn more about the minimally invasive reshaping and tightening procedures we offer at Sunset Oral Surgery, call our clinic in West Hollywood, CA, to schedule a consultation.

Posted on behalf of Sunset Oral and Facial Surgery: David Salehani, DDS, MD

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Dr. Salehani is professional and has great bedside manner. He thoroughly takes time before the procedure, to explain what’s going on and what will happen.
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This is the doctor you want to do your surgery. He’s simply one of the smartest people I’ve ever known; thoughtful and careful.
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Amazing friendly staff. Nice clean office. Super attentive. I got three wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, no pain what so ever afterward.
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